Monday, January 31, 2011

The Good and The Bad

So today was partially good and partially bad. How's that for an opening sentence? Really hooks the reader, doesn't it. This is why I'm a blogger and not a writer of any sort that is expected to be good at writing. You can tell by my complete mastery of the English language and sentence structure.  Anyway, I'll tell you the good stuff first. I had a midterm today and I didn't completely space and forget everything that I studied. In fact, I didn't even partially space and I didn't forget anything that I studied.  That reminds me, I need to check my grade from my physics midterm. I'll be right back.  I got a 16 and the average was 15.68, so that's good.  Other good things, it was sunny today even though it was cold and I took some pictures, four to be precise.  Here they are.  Well, at least they would be there if I had uploaded them. I'm going to go do that now.

Pretty Little Liars is on tonight, so that's another good thing.

Now for the bad things.  My mini fridge leaked on the floor because I guess the bottom isn't sealed properly. When my roommate was trying to figure out what was wrong with it, she found mold on the floor, gross.  I wanted to have dinner and watch a movie with C tonight, but he has to study. He apologized twice.  However, that's not really a bad thing since I was planning to give up watching Pretty Little Liars tonight to hang out with him and now I don't have to. I would have rather gotten to hang out with C, but this is me being optimistic.

I don't remember if I told you why I like him so much, but if I have, bear with me.  He likes art, he plays piano and guitar, he's helpful, he reads for fun, he's funny and he thinks that I'm funny, we have the same grey Converse shoes (which is obviously super important), and he's cute.  My parents liked him when they met him too. Oh yeah, and he also does Rubik's cubes and has a 4 x 4 that he doesn't know how to solve, just like me.  And he dresses nice which I could usually care less about, but in this case I enjoy it.

Last night I watched V for Vendetta and it was fairly fantastic. I was going to be all alliterative with the letter v in my review but that's way too difficult.  I have a friend who watches this movie every November 5th and absolutely adores it, but I hadn't watched it yet until last night.  It's an interesting movie about a future England that is completely controlled by the government and one man's quest to end the oppression of the government.  It challenges your views of what is right and what is wrong and V has some superb lines.  There's tons of action and politics and it's just a really great movie.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

I started playing Robot Unicorn Attack the other day and it is addicting and infuriating. The heavy metal version is really awesome and no game has ever made me so angry. I was yelling at my laptop for lagging and making me run into pentagrams when I was supposed to dash through them and I had pushed dash but the game just wanted me to die.  Anyway, the soundtrack is awesome, if not slightly repetitive.  If you plan on ever doing work ever again, do not play this game.

I'm going to go get some dinner now. Bye.


  1. Nice photos, what is in the first picture? It reminded me of the MOMA building in NYC.

  2. Haha, that's the heating ducts in the basement of one of the buildings I have class in. I thought they looked interesting.


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