Friday, January 14, 2011

There's no place like home/Pay it forward

First of all, I'm really sorry for not posting anything yesterday. In case I worried anyone, I am not dead or hospitalized. You will find out why I didn't post in a little bit. It is so windy today that I feel like a tornado is going to carry my entire 11 floor dorm building off to Oz. Yesterday started out like any other day. I got up, showered, went to class. When I got back from class, something was very different. Neither one of the elevators was working. I pushed the up button and as soon as I let go the light went off, so I pushed it about ten more times. Then I got the genius idea to hold it down until the elevator came. After about five minutes of holding down the button, I faced the reality that the elevators were not coming. I turned around and saw one of the janitors, so I let him know that the elevators were broken. He insisted that one of them was broken, but they had fixed the other one. He proceeded to prove to me that one of them worked. After another five minutes he realized that I was correct. Then he said, well the elevators have to work or you can't get upstairs. I explained that that was the problem. Since the ground floor and the first floor of my dorm are connected to another dorm, I wheeled over to use their elevators so I could get to the first floor and get some lunch.  I had about an hour to kill until my next class. While I was out in the hall waiting for the previous class to get out, I called my friend to see if I could stay with her until our elevators got fixed. She said sure. After class, I got a ride to her dorm building and she apologized for not being able to entertain me since she had to work on her art project. I said it was fine, since I had a book to read. After a while, we went over to a different dorm building to get dinner and then she went back to work on her project.  I hung out with some friends who live in that dorm building who I hadn't seen in a while. We watched Monsters vs. Aliens and then they wheeled me back up the hill to the friend I was staying with.  She lives in a small room with two roommates. I was planning to sleep on the floor. One of her roommates was going to have her friend stay the night without telling her about it before the friend showed up. This would have been okay, since the third roommate was believed to be staying somewhere else that night. The roommate went to bed and then her friend fell asleep in the third roommate's bed.  About an hour later, the third roommate came back and started getting ready for bed. We let her know that someone was already sleeping in her bed. She was really cool about it and got out her sleeping bag and slept on the floor too. The floor was not comfortable. I did sleep until noon though.  I woke up and showered and then my friend had to go to class and she was going home afterward. I tried to call to get a ride back to my dorm since my roommate had texted me that the elevators were fixed. They didn't answer the phone. I sat in the dorm lounge and read for a little while and then called again. I got a ride set up for 3:45. I would have to wait for three hours, but I could deal with that. I finished my book within the first hour and then the only thing I had left to do was read my sociology book. I read that for the next 2 hours and now I'm way ahead in the reading for that class.  I got back and the elevators did work so I got some breakfast/lunch/dinner and went up to my room and now I'm typing this.  It was kind of weird that I wasn't even hungry when I didn't eat anything today until 5:00. Now I have a delicious salad that has grapes, dried apples, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, and balsamic vinaigrette. It was worth the wait.

The elevator in Mccarty hall, where my friend lives, are really old and really scary.  When the door closes, you can hear it lock, and then if you don't push the button for your floor at least ten times, it will just sit there and be locked and you feel like someone is going to pump in poisonous gas any second.  We didn't get stuck in the elevators or gassed, but it was pretty scary.  When I was waiting for my ride today, there were some guys in the lounge playing ping pong and some others playing pool. I wouldn't have been surprised if I got hit or almost hit with a ping pong ball. Those things are ridiculously bouncy. I was surprised when I almost got hit with a pool ball, especially since the pool table was about 20 feet away from where I was sitting and pool balls usually don't come off the table (except when my Dad plays). 

And now comes my exciting news! When I was eating my lunch yesterday I texted H to see if he wanted to go see Rare Exports (the extra-credit movie) with me on Tuesday. Not only did he say yes, but also when I asked him how he feels about sneaking in our own snacks, he said that's the only way to go to a movie. So now I have a 4-day weekend with plans to hang out with a friend tomorrow and hopefully have him help me buy books for my classes. I have to write a three page paper before next Friday, but that will be easy and I plan on finishing ahead of time.

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