Monday, January 10, 2011

Yesterday was good

As you may recall, last night I had dinner with H. I'm honestly not sure if it was a date or not.
Reasons it was not a date: his roommate came along
Reasons it was a date: He let me wear his hat since I forgot mine, he pushed me all the way to Subway which is up a long hill, he was "dancing with me" by pushing my wheelchair around obstacles while singing (it's hard to explain, but it was cute), although he didn't pay he did offer to pay (I feel weird letting other people pay for me when I can afford to pay for myself), I'm pretty sure that he would have given me a hug if not a kiss goodnight if his roommate wasn't with him.

Now that I've listed everything out, I think that it may have been a date. Regardless of whether it was or not, it was really fun. When we got behind slow people, he ran to pass them on the crosswalks and made racecar noises. That kind of sounds immature but it was funny. When I'm with him, I feel like I can say or do anything and he won't think poorly of me. Last night was good because it gave me time to have fun and not have to worry about stuff like doctors and my parents.

Update: I completely forgot that I planned to do a movie review, so here it is. If, like me, you are way behind on popular movies and have not seen Disturbia yet, I suggest that you do so immediately.  Well, I mean if you're in some sort of life-threatening situation, you should probably deal with that before seeing Disturbia. And if you are in a life-threatening situation, why are reading my blog right now? Shouldn't you be trying to survive?! Anyway, after my date(?) last night, I watched Disturbia with only some white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream to keep me company. It is the second movie that has ever made me jump. The first was Orphan. Normally, while watching scary movies/thrillers, I just laugh while everyone else is completely freaked out. The only movies that I can get scared by are the ones that could legitimately happen. I'm not saying that they are extremely likely to happen, just that it's more likely than being attacked by alien zombie demons.  Anyway, Disturbia was a really great movie. If you haven't seen it, stop reading now. There will be spoilers.

This seems like a safe distance.

I really liked the creepy serial killer guy. Actually, let me rephrase, the creepy serial killer guy was perfect for the part. I actually loathed him, since he's a serial killer and I'm not fond of them.  Anyway, he was really good at appearing out of nowhere silently and the part where he got in the girl's car was really creepy. When he appeared in front of the car, that's the part that made me jump.  The bodies in the water were a very nice unexpected touch. Well, now I sound like I'm morbid. What I mean is that they weren't necessary but they really contributed to the this-serial-killer-guy-is-a-total-freak factor.  I give Disturbia a 4 out of 5. It would have gotten a 5 out of 5 but they insisted on having a happy ending. I'm not saying that I wished the characters had been murdered, just that the mom would have likely been killed instead of just tied up. He really had no reason not to kill her.  It would have been more realistic, since he's obviously into killing people. I think that he probably would have killed her after slamming her head into the wall. Then, the ending would be sad, but at least the teens would have each other and it would have been more realistic.

I also watched Bandslam. That was the day before yesterday. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they're into indie music and shallow movie plots. The ending was more realistic than Disturbia's ending, but Bandslam gets only 1 star out of 5.  I was especially annoyed by people headbanging to indie music, seriously not okay.

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