Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cut-up Shirt

In case you didn't know, there is snow in 49 states, including Hawaii! The only one without snow is Florida. It snowed a lot here last night, but by this morning it had all turned to slush so classes weren't canceled.

I saw this on the Tsaritsa's blog and I've been planning to do it for a while now. You take a shirt that is too big and cut it up to make it fit better, and it looks pretty cool.  The link to her post, which contains the link to the video of Kat Von D explaining how to do it is here. I got this shirt before I started my freshman year of college at a yard sale for 25 cents. I knew it was too big, but it was only a quarter and for a while I have been wearing it for pajamas. Anyway, like I mentioned, I saw that post and thought it looked cool, so now I did it. Let me tell you, it is a lot harder than it looks. My first tip is do not wear a shirt of a contrasting color if you will be using your lap as the place to set the shirt instead of a table. I was wearing a black shirt and I ended up with what I affectionately refer to as shirt crumbs completely covering it. They were also all over my bed and I had to try to clean them up with duct tape for a makeshift lint roller.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but it wouldn't have taken as long if I had cut thicker strips.  Now that I'm finished, I realized that I should have probably cut the strips longer, but I'm not going to fix it now. Enjoy these pictures that just happen to be fantastic examples of why I will never ever be a model. It was made even harder because of the fact that I used my webcam to take the pictures so I'm trying to hide my wireless mouse, which I had to click to take the pictures, in all of them.

What's over there?

looking over my shoulder


out-well eye roll of boredom

intimidating? impatient? I don't know either

oh hey, I'm looking over my shoulder again

just noticed this picture makes me look like I have
a farmer's tan, but I'm not tan at all

um, model pose?
I look like I probably have a dangerous weapon in my other
hand and I'm about to badly injure my webcam

So I did that yesterday, but first I had dinner with my friend Jessica. We had a good conversation and yummy food. Then we came up to my room and watched a movie and ate jalapeno cashew brittle and I worked on my shirt. I showed her my blog while the movie was buffering and she really liked it, which was cool, since I've never shown it to anyone I know in real life.  We watched a movie called Carriers. I wouldn't recommend it. It's not very different from any other the-human-race-is-being-wiped-out-by-a-deadly-virus movie and the ending was really depressing.  After that, it started snowing and she left before it piled up too much, because she had to walk all of the way back across campus to get to her dorm. I watched Click. I do not recommend it either. It was confusing, the jokes were lame, and it was depressing. The only good part was the end.

Today in my Finnish culture and literature class, which is a super awesome class, the professor invited us all to go watch a good movie for extra credit, lots of extra credit.  It is by a Finnish film maker and it is called Rare Exports. The best part is that we get .25 added to our GPA for going. She told us we can bring friends and since the only way I can get there is by having a friend push me, (the theater is pretty close but uphill), I am going to see if H wants to go with me. It has been a while since I've been to a movie in a theater and I'm looking forward to it. I love sneaking in my own junk food so I don't have to pay crazy theater prices. I usually get things that they sell at movies, so that the people who work there won't be suspicious if they see me eating it. Too bad it's impossible to sneak in popcorn, haha. One time, between my friend and I, we snuck in ice cream, Oreos, Mike n Ikes, Pocky, and Nerds. The movie is next Tuesday at 7:30.

In other news, I meant to share with you the homework assignment that I got from my Drugs and Society class. I am supposed to smell aspirin and look at grapes. Pretty wacky. Now I'm going to bed, so goodnight blogsters.


  1. The shirt looks great, I love the way it's tied in the back. Very cool!! I also like sneaking in my own snacks when I go to the movies.

  2. Thanks, I was just tying straight across on every single one, but I got tired of tying toward the bottom and just tied all of the rest of them together.

  3. Cool shirt! Looks great on you girl!


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