Monday, November 15, 2010

My Motivation for Procrastination

Today, I need to write a paper. It is only two pages long, double spaced and it is due at midnight tonight. This sort of assignment not only encourages procrastination, it practically requires it. You see, this assignment was given two weeks ago. That is correct, two weeks to write the rough draft of a two page paper. It should take me all of an hour to complete at the most. How could I have received this assignment and thought, "Oh, goodness, this is of utmost importance and must be completed immediately." I could not. There is no way a two page paper could be regarded as a priority. So today, I will write this paper while watching a movie on my other laptop. I'm not sure what movie yet. I find that using two laptops at once while sitting on my bed and curled up in a blanket is a pretty good way of getting warm. I will also design another T-shirt today. It will be a spin on the common crows sitting on a wire design. I'll let you guys know if it actually goes up for sale. That's all. Auf weidersehen.

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