Monday, November 22, 2010

It Snowed!!!

Chapter One: I woke up at 12:00 in the afternoon today and discovered three things. Number one, it snowed. There is about an inch of it, but apparently in Seattle, that is enough to get classes canceled and make people freak out about driving. Number two, I am sick again. My throat feels like I tried to become a sword swallower and fire breather at the same time and failed at both. I won't go into details about the stuff I've been coughing up. Number three, I don't have mittens or gloves here. I have at least six pairs at home, but somehow I didn't manage to bring any to college.

Chapter Two: I am sick but I am still going to my neurologist appointment today. I wouldn't except that I'm pretty sure that I caught this from the doctor in the first place and I've been getting various degrees of better and worse ever since. Also, I want him to find out what's wrong with me.

Chapter Three: I am having Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of friends from church tonight. I am excited because I love any and all food that has not been cooked in the microwave, and when it's free it's even better. Plus almost all of my friends will be there and it will be a ton of fun.

Chapter Four: I learned how to make vector illustrations by tracing photos. The process actually isn't very difficult, but it is fairly time consuming. As a future graphic designer, this is a very important skill to have. Also now I won't have to feel guilty about using other people's free vector images in my designs because I can make my own. That might not mean a lot to you, but just know that it's really good.

That's all for today. I am going to eat my breakfast now. Yes it is 2:30 PM. Don't judge me.

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