Friday, November 26, 2010

My Thoughts of Today

I woke up at 2:00 in the afternoon. I realized I'm pretty sick. I vowed to actually get important stuff done today. I went on Facebook and watched my friend's 9 minute long video of him doing magic tricks. I commented on said video. I went to check out my blog. Okay, now this is the actual thoughts part: I got a new follower! (Hello Drew. Thanks for following me.) I went to the blog updates to see who wrote new blog posts that I had to read before I get stuff done. More thoughts: Wait a second, why does that say Friday? Today's Thursday, right? Wrong. Today is Friday. That's why so many of my friends on Facebook have statuses about Black Friday shopping. What happened to Thursday? I swear yesterday was Wednesday. I'm so confused. Oh no, that paper I've been procrastinating is due today! Why is it due on a day we don't have school and most people are gone? Checks syllabus, okay it's due on Monday. But I'm still going to get important stuff done today, right after I read everyone's latest blog posts. I'm pretty sad about losing my Thursday. If you guys find it, could you please return it to me? Thanks.

I'm going to see what people Google the most.  Apparently it's: cyber monday deals 2010, auburn alabama game, iron bowl, auburn vs. alabama 2010, turkey soup recipe, turkey pot pie, kay jewelers, lil kim black friday, fingerhut, alabama football, amazon promotional code, jcpenny, plastic jungle, auburn university, amazon coupons, lil kim disses nicki minaj, jcp, college football, west virginia football, express coupons. Seriously people? Your searches are boring. You should really search for more interesting things like how to escape from raptors on hoverboards, where to buy the cheapest jetpacks that still work well, how to travel back in time and fix your mistakes, buried treasure, how to get more people to visit your blog, what to do when you're bored and all you have is the internet, Twilight sucks. Although I am relieved that there weren't any top searches for funny cat pictures. Kudos to you for that Google searcher people. Okay, I'm just going to hope that the new viewers to my blog will be here because of my awesome made-up search terms and not the semi-lame ones that people are actually searching for. I'm sorry people, but if you are one of those popular search searchers, you probably won't enjoy my blog, although I have discussed football once. Farewell, regular blog viewers and especially you people who follow me. If you're out of ideas on how to procrastinate, feel free to comment on every single one of my blog posts. Seriously, I won't mind and I did it to pretty much all of the people I follow, so return the favor. Seriously, I love comments and I don't get a whole lot of them.

Lastly, I would like to give shout-outs to the countries that seem to enjoy my blog the most. United States is number 1 with 447 views. Next, Denmark and India are tied with a total of 7 views. Canada and Thailand each have 4. Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore all have 3. Germany has 2. Finland has 1. I love Finland! Why don't you love me back? Seriously, you're my favorite country and I want to visit you. I think I need to appeal more to my international audience. I have a lot of other countries with only 1 view, so I think I need to figure out a way to get them coming back. I think that I'll try to target the United Kingdom first because there are a lot of people there who can read English. I hope that that last bit didn't offend anyone. I really would like to appeal to more people. I want my blog to be about things that other people can sometimes relate to, no matter what country they're from. That's my goal, and it appears that so far, I'm not really accomplishing that. I think I should also have more cool pictures in my blog for people who don't speak English. Here are some pictures that I really like:

For the record, these pictures don't actually belong to me. They are from this awesome social networking picture sharing site thing. You don't even have to have an account to browse through the pictures and making an account is free. Okay, that's all today. Be sure to tune in again tomorrow, same channel, probably a different time.


  1. My plan is working. I got a view from someone who googled amazon promotional code.

  2. Not a lot, trying to figure out how to do my pyramid rubik's cube thing. I didn't get important stuff done today either. Oh well. I still have two more days.


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