Monday, November 1, 2010


I am getting a wheelchair today, so I'll be a legit disabled person. The only problem is I can't drive it myself so I still won't be able to get to classes. It will pretty much only be useful for getting outside when it's not raining and my awesome friends feel like pushing me around in it. But being outside is good so I'm glad.

Now to the real topic of this post. Being forced to be a recluse has given me lots of free time. In this free time, one of the things that I enjoy is watching movies. I recently discovered this awesome movie site that has a ton of movies to watch for free. You don't need an account and there are no annoying advertisements. I'm not positive that it's legal, but here's a link: Woohoo, linkage, click me please I recently got into Harry Potter. My awesome friends are big fans and want me to go see the 7th movie with them when it comes out. I hadn't seen any of the movies or read the books, but I have seen the first four movies now and they are fantastic. I'll probably watch the fifth one today. Other movies I've watched lately are "The Shining", "Shaun of the Dead" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World".  The Shining is a classic horror movie, and I was feeling bad about not having seen it so I watched it. It was interesting and kind of confusing. I guess that Jack Nicholson went insane which explains why he was talking to people who weren't there. Also, that kid is so creepy. I now have another good reason not to have kids: I don't want a creepy kid like that. I'm trying to avoid plot spoilers in case any of you haven't seen the movie which I highly doubt, because apparently I was the last person in the world to watch it, besides my roommate who still hasn't seen it.  I wasn't a big fan of it actually. I wouldn't want to watch it again, but now I don't have to live with "OMG, you haven't seen The Shining!?!?! It's a classic! What is wrong with you?!?!?!?!11" so there's that anyway.  The Shining gets 4 and a half stars out of 10. I watched Shaun of the Dead because it's supposed to be pretty funny and I guess it's almost a classic itself. I have never seen Dawn of the Dead, which it is a parody of, but the film still made sense anyway. It was pretty good. I don't think I would have enjoyed it quite as much if the actors didn't all have British accents. I would have enjoyed it more without the overuse, or use really, of the F word. I'm a strong opponent of cussing. If your vocabulary is large enough, you should have quite a few other ways of expressing anger or annoyance or pain. That's just my opinion. So Shaun of the Dead was overall pretty good. I'd give it 7 stars out of 10. Which brings me to my last movie. As a sidenote, don't you just love all of these sentence fragments? I know I do. I am still kind of undecided on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It was interesting and unique. Also, Ramona Flowers is awesome. I think I might be her next year for Halloween minus all the exes and the rollerblades. Parts of this movie were kind of confusing. There was a lot of stuff that seemed like dream sequence but then it might have actually happened and I'm not really sure and some confusing transitions. If you're a nerd like me, I'd say give it a try. It kind of turns a love story into a comic book/video game. It's a good movie to watch if you have nothing better to do and don't mind being completely confused for most of it. I wouldn't watch it more than once, but I'll go ahead and give it 6 stars out of 10.

Wow, you weren't expecting a movie review, were you? I might keep doing these every once in a while. Then again, I might not. Who knows? Not me. That being said, be excellent to one another and party on dudes. (Probably a bad Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure reference. I haven't actually seen the whole movie yet, just the end, but I will soon and it looks like a great movie. Also, there were two guys dressed as Bill and Ted at last night's Halloween party. I'm going to end this parenthetical nonsense before it gains a life of its own and tries to take over the world or something equally crazy/bad.) Um, the end!

Update: still trying to figure out how to use my own picture for the background. Any help would be appreciated. But for now, hello blurry birds. Also, whoa look at that, I'm not a robot! Profile picture is now an actual picture of me.

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  1. RED RUM! RED RUM! That film scares the living daylight out of me.

    Also, re: the f-word. I do use it on occasion...but in films British people drop it into every sentence. It's every other word. Seriously, we are not that crass. Promise.


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