Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As the snow falls

Yep, it's snowing again while I'm writing this, hence the super-creative title.  Too bad it's not going to stick.

The word of the day is somnambulate. It means sleepwalk.

This post is going to be kind of weird and before I start, I'd just like to say that I don't do drugs.
Sometimes I wonder if dreams are actual places that we go to. At least I used to wonder that, before my family, my friends, and myself started being brutally murdered in my dreams.  The other thing I wonder is if our entire life is just a dream we are having, only we don't realize it, because you usually don't realize that you're dreaming during a dream unless you have lucid dreams.  I wonder if when people die, they're really just waking up from this dream and living their real life.  I know that that's not true, but it's kind of nice to think about when someone dies like they're just waking up instead of they're going to sleep forever.  Of course, as a believer in God, I also believe in Heaven and Hell, so I know that people don't just rot in a coffin forever after they die.  Their souls go on to live or die forever.  Thinking about eternity gives me a headache.  It's so hard to imagine anything actually lasting forever, probably because we are used to things not lasting. We even have a saying that all good things must come to an end.  As humans, the only thing that remains constant in our lives is change.  The concept of anything lasting forever is impossible to comprehend.  I just know that I'd much rather spend forever in Heaven than in Hell.

Wow, that was a pretty intense subject.  To end, I'd like to tell you about this really awesome charity.  It's called Free Rice.  You don't even have to give them any money and you can help feed starving people around the world.  If you'd like to help, go to http://www.freerice.com/.  The main way of donating is a vocabulary quiz.  You can choose other topics though, including art, Spanish vocabulary, and science.  It's a really great way to study for class, especially if you're in chemistry and trying to learn the abbreviations of the elements.  Based on the number of questions you get right, they donate a certain number of grains of rice to starving people.

Here's a completely unrelated picture:

And here's a completely unrelated video:

In other news, did you know that while a Youtube video is loading and there's those white dots in a circle, if you pause it and press the down arrow on your keyboard, you can play Snake? Try it, it's awesome.  You can also pause and do it while your video is buffering partway through.

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