Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things didn't quite go as planned yesterday

First, since it's almost Thanksgiving, I am thankful that my throat doesn't feel like it's commiting suicide today. So remember how I went to yesterday's neurologist appointment even though I was kind of sick? And rememeber how there was a little bit of snow in the morning? Well after my friend left to take me to my doctor appointment, the little bit of snow must have bored all by itself so it invited a bunch of snow friends and some ice and had a party. I made it to my appointment 40 minutes late and the appointment lasted all of 5 minutes. The doctor decided that I should see someone else. Haha, when I put it like that, it sounds like he broke up with me. Anyway, he wants me to see someone from my school's medical department because we have a big hospital and state of the art equipment and stuff. My amazing friend had left to get us sandwiches. I texted her that I was done and she said she was on her way. About 30 minutes later, she texted that she was stuck in traffic. The office was closing so I hobbled down to the main lobby and waited there. I had managed to arrive at my appointment at 4:00. I left at 6:45. I found out that my friend had almost died on multiple occasions slipping on the ice. There was this really nice old lady who had been waiting for her ride since 3:00 and when I left, she was still there. I hope she got home okay. By the time we made it back, Thanksgiving dinner was over and everyone was leaving, but my friend got me a huge plate of leftovers. All of the pumpkin pie got eaten though, so I didn't get any. I came back to my dorm and ate some delicious Thanksgiving dinner and watched the 5th Harry Potter again. Then I had some hot chocolate. Then I went and talked to strangers on Omegle. Guess what, people still use that and not all of them are jerks! Sometimes I go chat with people there when I'm bored. I ended up finding this really nice guy and we had a long conversation. Then he had to get ready for class, but we exchanged e-mails. He seems like a really cool guy. I would add him on Facebook, but I have this rule where I never add anyone I don't know in real life. I went to bed at 5:30 in the morning. Classes are canceled today because of snow and ice and Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow, but it is highly probable that I won't be able to go home. It is normally a four hour drive but in these conditions it would be more like 12 hours, risking my life the whole way. It's kind of disappointing but can't be helped. I hope my legs decide not be paralyzed today. It hasn't happened for a month, but I can still hope. I want to play in the snow. A whole bunch of people stole cardboard out of the recycling and are sledding on it. Plus, snowball fights are awesome, but difficult with paralyzed legs. And then I still don't have gloves.

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