Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Thanksgiving without Family

I woke up this morning and then my parents called to tell me Happy Thanksgiving. I went downstairs to get some breakfast and found out the cafeteria is closed. I am out of breakfast type foods in my room. I am thankful for my roommate, because she always encourages me to help myself to her food. I am now eating a bowl of her cereal with her milk. I am thankful that she gets good cereal. Later, not sure what time, my friend will be picking me up and we'll go over to another friend's house and eat soup and watch Harry Potter. I'm thankful I have friends to spend today with. My main goal for today is to somehow get a piece of pumpkin pie. Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you are able to spend it with your families, make sure to give them hugs and tell them you love them.

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