Monday, November 29, 2010


Today's post is about words, and more specifically about words that are fun to say. Let's face it some words are more fun to say than others. It's just a fact. I've decided to start some sort of word of the day type thing at the beginning of my posts. This is an introduction. The word of the day will be a word that I have fun saying. It might be partially made up, but based on a real word, such as today's word, which I'll be getting to in a little bit.  Words that end in the letter y are often fun to say, but not if preceded by a vowel. I'm not sure why I felt the need to write that last bit, but that's how I feel, so blam! I wrote it.  Sound effect noise words are also fun to say. These are technically called onomatopoeia, but that word's hard to pronounce and it's not fun to say either. And I'd just like to take this next few sentences to discuss how British phrases sometimes sneak into my vocabulary. I am not British. I have never even been out of the US. I do not have any close friends who are British, but somehow I use some British terms. For example, earlier in this post, I said "that last bit". That's a fairly British term and I have never even heard anyone with an American accent say it except for me. Yesterday, I was having Bible study with my friends, and I said that something was spot on. They didn't even know what I said, and I had to translate it into awkward American terms of "exactly correct". I don't even remember ever hearing anyone say spot on, but I must have. I just know it's British and it's a good phrase to have in your arsenal.  (See what I did there? British. Arsenal. Haha)

Without further ado, the word of the day is................................................................drum roll please......
FRIPPEROUS! I know what you're saying, that's not a real word, you made that up! Well, actually you're spot on. I did make that word up. However, it is based on an actual word. This word is frippery. I swear to you frippery is a real word. While it is fun to say, frippery is really hard to use in a sentence. It's just awkward to incorporate into conversation. Frippery means an "article worn for show: a showy item of clothing or an adornment worn for display or effect". To use it in a sentence: Your shutter shades are full of frippery and your entire ensemble is pretentious.  Awkward sentence right? Right. So to solve this problem, frippery needed to have an adjective form. After trying out fripperful, friptastic, and friptabulous, my roommate came up with fripperous. It was an obvious winner because it's so fun to say! Example sentence: Those shutter shades are fripperous and so is your so-called ironic t-shirt. Simple correct? Yes, it is quite simple. So, to make this an actual word, actual people need to use it. So, readers, as actual people, please start using fripperous in conversation. When you discuss hipsters, instead of calling them pretentious, call them fripperous. Lauren, please do not be offended by this. I do not consider you a hipster. You don't think that everyone is beneath you and you don't listen to bands that don't even exist yet. You are not fripperous, you are stupendously amazingly awesome.

It doesn't get much more fripperous than this

So, go forth and use fripperous in your conversation. Use it in your blogposts even! I leave you with this video by the hilarious Brian Regan, in which he discusses the confusing nature of the English language. Enjoy.

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