Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am Very Frustrated

In case the title wasn't clear enough for you, I am very frustrated. Specifically with my neurologist. I had an appointment with him yesterday but he was out sick, so it got rescheduled for today. That is not why I am frustrated. I totally get being sick. It happens to me a whole lot more than I'd like, which is never, but I am sick most of the time. Anyway, the reason that I am frustrated is that I'm pretty sure that I figured out what's wrong with me that's making my legs paralyzed. I think it's a rare genetic condition called periodic paralysis. I printed out massive amounts of information on it for the doctor so he could see how much it corresponds to what I have and then test me for it. It's just a simple DNA test. This would be the ideal circumstances: Doctor says something about how this sounds like it's indeed periodic paralysis, tests me, yep I was right and that's what it is, tells his findings to my university, they finally help me with class stuff like getting me a notetaker since I can't get to class. Unfortunately, none of that actually happened. What ended up happening was this: I share my findings, Doctor explains how stupid I am to believe that I am at all correct, Doctor further explains why I'm wrong and backs this up with misinformed beliefs about the disease such as that it is caused by hyperthyroidism and my whole body would be paralyzed, Nurse takes vital signs, Doctor sets up appointment to observe me and test me again when I'm paralyzed, tells Receptionist that it's NOT URGENT so I get an appointment for November 22nd (Ya, sure Doctor, my legs don't work and it's really hard for me to even dress myself, but it's definitely not urgent, just take your time! Totally sarcastic, in case you didn't catch that.), blood gets drawn even though they just assume that I know I have to go downstairs to the laboratory and I sit there waiting for about 20 minutes and then they tell me after I finally ask. So that was my day. I'm going to try to find another doctor to give me a second opinion, or a first opinion really since I don't consider you-are-stupid-and-wrong-and-I-am-all-knowing an opinion. Yep, that's it, just me being frustrated. Feel free to proceed with your life.

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  1. Doctors value themselves far to seriously. Note to doctors: do us all a favor and listen to your patients ... for once! -_-
    I diagnosed myself with diabetes when I was eleven. I explained to the doctor the symptoms I was experiencing which lead me to believe that I had type one diabetes. She looked at me, gave a doubtful (and rather RUDE) glance to the nurse and said, "Well, I highly doubt you have diabetes but I'll see what we can do." I've had diabetes for six years now. Take that stupid doctors! Haha.


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