Friday, October 22, 2010


So I think that I mentioned that sometimes my legs become paralyzed for no apparent reason. The doctors are baffled. Well, my legs had been fine for a little over a month now, but today they are paralyzed again. It happened while I was in class and my friends came to help, but they're pretty small and couldn't help much. They called one of their friends to come help. I had to have this random guy carry me out to the street so I could get in their friend's car. He was really cool about it. So anyway, no laser tag for me :( I'm confined to my room until further notice. I have mid-terms next week, so I had better be better by then. Otherwise, I'll have to hobble to class on crutches, and there are a lot of stairs on campus. I'm pretty disappointed but still trying to remain optimistic. That's all for now.

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