Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grr, I'm still sick

I have what I have designated a "death cough". It's super loud and deep and hurts my throat and happens whenever I move. So yesterday, I had a pajama day and tried not to move. I would have been extremely bored if it weren't for all of the fantastic blogs I discovered and read fully. I got my first follower! The Naked Writer from The Writing Womb started following me yesterday. But that's not enough. I need more comments, more followers, more entertaining blogs for when I'm sick and sitting at my computer all day. Make it happen people. Please? Thanks, everyone who actually reads this stuff. I am really horrible at writing in journals, but it's so much easier to blog because people read it, so there's a point. I like to pretend in my head that enough people read my blog that they will be very upset if I don't post something every single day. Yay motivation! So, please keep reading, and I'll try to do some funny things after I'm all done being sick.
Until tomorrow,

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  1. Hey, thanks for the comment love on my blog, girl! You can hear the music Ryan and I make at Also, if you like zombies, you can check out the rock opera we wrote a couple of years ago by visiting (songs are on the "performances" page).

    Anyway, hope you feel better! Being sick is no fun. Aaaand I just clicked "follow." So now you have TWO followers. :D

    - Lauren

    P.S: Ryan is 22 and single.


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