Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eclectic Insanity

The corn maze was awesome! We misread their hours, but they were nice enough to let us in anyway. It was in two parts and there was a big firepit after the first part. Too bad nobody brought marshmallows. It was very dark which totally helped add to the creepiness factor. The guys in our group hiding and then jumping out screaming to scare us girls did not add to the creepiness factor. Lots of the girls screamed but not me. If I had been legitimately scared by any of them, they would have gotten their nose broken. I don't scream; I punch.  I came up with some pretty cool corn maze pranks, well actually only two, but they are awesome. I said that I'd post corn maze pictures but it was very dark, so I didn't take any pictures. At the end of the corn maze, there was a giant mud puddle and one of the girls got thrown in it, and then a mudfight happened. I would have probably joined in if I hadn't just gotten over my illness (read as still had a fever last night but my voice works now, even though I'm probably technically still sick). Oh yeah, corn maze pranks, I almost forgot. The first one is to have two people dress up as corn stalks and stand blocking a portion of the path so it looks like a dead end, but it's actually a section of path you need to go through. This would have been pretty effective because it was night, as long as the costumed people could suppress their giggles. The second prank is to only make an entrance to the maze but no exit. If there are maps with pictures of the maze, edit the pictures so it looks like there's an exit. Then enjoy yourself as everyone is so determined not to give up and just go back out the entrance. In other news, I discovered chocolate covered cookie dough last night! It is amazing!!! The only way to possibly improve it would be to have ice cream under the chocolate with the cookie dough. And the sunset last night was spectacular! It looked like rainbow sherbert.
Guess what I did today! Do you give up? I got a new hacky sack! I finished getting stuff for my Alice in Wonderland costume! I found a surprise when I came back from class! It's an award! On my door! They spelled my name wrong! But I fixed it!  By drawing a paw print! Here's a picture!

 Here's a special Halloween treat. Sorry, it isn't candy, but it is a list of the names of undead creatures, with pictures. Never incorrectly refer to everything undead as a "zombie" again! Add these to your vocabulary and impress all your friends!

According to Wikipedia, there are two types of undead things. They are living corpses and spirits.
Some different types of living corpses are: draugr, jiang shi, ghoul, mummy, skeleton, wight, zombie, revenant, vampire, and lich.
Some different types of spirits are: ghosts, spectre, and wraith.

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