Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Laundry Day Can Be Difficult if Technology Hates You

Guess what today is? It's Laundry Day! In celebration of Laundry Day, I got in the elevator to go to the Ground Floor to wash my clothes. Some people got off on the first floor and then the door closed, so I assumed that the elevator would fulfill it's duty and take me down one more level. I was wrong. I did not account for the fact that I must have done something that made the elevator mad at me without knowing it. It closed it's doors and just sat there, with a smug expression on its face, I'm sure. After about a minute of the elevator just sitting there, and these are really fast elevators so I could have gone up to the 11th floor and back twice in that time, I realized that the elevator hadn't understood my request when I pushed the button for the ground floor, even though the button was lit up, so I pushed the button about five more times. The elevator sat there. Then, it's doors opened and I said to the people who got in while I was angrily jabbing the button that for some reason the elevator wouldn't go down. The elevator shut its doors and proceeded to the ground floor. I'm pretty sure I heard it laugh. I managed to put the laundry in the washers and get it washing with no trouble, and I took the elevator upstairs without incident. It was a different elevator than I had taken down. I think it was the good twin.  I got up to my room, dropped my keys three times, then unlocked the door and walked in to the ridiculous hotness. I swear it's 90 degrees in here. I even have my door open for a cross-breeze despite the risk of Awkward Nate who I'll introduce in tomorrow's post.

Update: I think that the elevator has been talking to the washing machine because according to Laundryview (this awesome website my school has that notifies you when your laundry is done), my laundry was done but when I got downstairs, it hadn't even started washing.

Update 2: I had to reselect the cycle a second time but when I last went downstairs, my laundry was actually done. I cannot say with any confidence that the washer actually washed my laundry. I had to wring lots of water out of some of it, and some of it was still completely dry. I put it in the dryer anyway. I'm definitely not running it through the washer again.

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