Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blustery Weather

I guess that the weather finally got the memo that this is October, and therefore it should be fall. This morning, I got up and went to church with my friends. My legs were working before church but I sat for a long period of time, so now they're not working again. After church, I had sushi for the first time and it was really good! Except the octopus, that was weird and slimey. And I even kind of figured out how to use chopsticks, which I have been a complete and utter failure at up to this point. I swear that the leaves changed colors overnight! I could be wrong about this because I haven't been outside since Friday, but to me it seems like it was overnight. Also, it's cold! One of my friends was wearing two coats and she was still cold! I usually jump up and down when I'm cold to warm myself up, but the whole jumping thing isn't really going to be possible because of the whole paralysis thing. Anyway, it was really cold and rainy and windy. I like the way the wind stirs the leaves up. It's very blustery, which is a fantastic word. So, in case you didn't notice fall fell, or fall has fallen; either way sounds kind of weird, but oh well.

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