Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a poem i wrote before

Enjoy, or not.

Dreams are Calling

In the darkness shines a light
Hope remains alive

No way to make all the choices
Help can come from many voices
Through it all the soul rejoices
Wanting to decide
Needing to survive
Moving toward a happy life

Wonder if it can truly be
The future is too bright to see

Their love will still continue to be
If it is not, does not, happen
Asking the important questions
Everybody has got their own suggestions
Trying to get help
Help me to help myself

Your dreams are calling
Follow along
Your dreams are calling
Chase them with no
Worries of falling
Your dreams are calling
Follow along

You can reach them

Jump up
Reach out
Dreams are calling

My thoughts after pasting my poem: Whoa, why is the font so ginormous? Oh well, I'll just leave it. Why is that bold? *clicks bold 5 times and it doesn't unbold at all* Oh well.


  1. I am new follower (not a stalker, definitely not a stalker) to your blog and saw that this amazing poem had no comment under it! This comment may be a year and a month late but it still needs to be said: this is a great poem and is actually good inspiration for me to stop being lazy and follow my dreams.

  2. Thanks so much. I'm definitely not a poet, so that means a lot to me. Thanks for following me :)


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