Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unhappy Camper

I woke up this morning and my legs were working. I managed to take a shower before they quit working again. So now I'm confined to my room once more. I'm not in the best mood. At least my roommate bought me some food so I won't starve. That was nice. My bed is pretty high up and I usually have to jump to get in it, but now I can't jump. I have figured out a way to get in using my crutches, but it's really difficult and having that much trouble just getting into bed makes me feel really pathetic. Anyway, I'm struggling but I'll get through it. I'm trying to get H to come hang out and keep me company. He was busy yesterday but I'll try again today. And I don't get to go to Halo Laser Tag today! I was really looking forward to to it too :(

Update: I told H that I like him, and he said that he thinks of me as a good friend. Luckily, it wasn't actually to his face though, so he couldn't see my disappointment. That was actually the first time I've had the courage to tell a guy I liked him, when he hadn't told me first (which has only ever happened once). I only told him because I kind of had the impression that he liked me too. He talked about random stuff for hours with me and acted jealous of the other guys in the hacky sack club. He even offered me a ride home on break, which is a 4+ hour drive. So anyway, I'm pretty bummed.

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