Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have some really great friends. I just met them about a month ago, but I feel like I've known them for my entire life. I'm a Christian and they're part of the campus ministry, so the first time I met them they invited me to play Ultimate Frisbee with them. You weren't expecting that, were you? After playing Ultimate Frisbee, they invited me to come to their bible study, and at bible study they invited me to church. There are about 20 of them total, and they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. They ask me how I'm doing and I don't feel like I just have to say "Good" or "Fine" because they aren't just asking out of habit, they actually care how I'm doing. I can tell them if there's stuff that's bothering me and I know that they'll pray with me and help me through it, and not spread it around. In case you didn't know it, Christians aren't boring. We love to have fun. We hang out and watch movies and go out to dinner and play Ultimate Frisbee. We also went to a corn maze and had a mud fight. On Saturday, we're going to play Halo Laser Tag, which is like normal laser tag, but with Halo sound effects. I'm so excited. I've never played laser tag before, but it seems like lots of fun. Hopefully I don't die as often as I do in Halo, which is a lot; I die about every 5 seconds sometimes. Next week we're carving pumpkins, which I've also never done, but I'm looking forward to it, because if I haven't told you, I'm an art person. I'm going to be a graphic designer and I love doing creative stuff like taking pictures, making jewelry, designing T-shirts, doodling, playing music, etc. so like I said, it should be fun. I'll post pictures, probably, not making any promises. I know Thanksgiving is still over a month away, but I'm thankful for my awesome friends. It's not just something I say at Thanksgiving dinner when it's my turn to share. If you have awesome friends, let them know how much you appreciate them.

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