Friday, December 16, 2011

Third Post in One Day!

I wanted to share with everyone that I just spent $40 on Etsy on jewelry making supplies.  I also changed my Etsy shop name to Honeybee Alley, since that's what got the most votes in my poll.  So pretty soon it will be SERIOUS CRAFTING TIME.  Then SERIOUS LISTING STUFF ON ETSY TIME.  Hopefully followed by SERIOUS MAKING SOME MONEY SO I CAN PAY MY RENT TIME.  So I'll let you guys know when I get my shop filled with lovely things that you can buy.  And I created a special code just for blog readers so you guys can get a 10% discount on your purchases from my shop once it's up and running.  The secret code will be revealed at a future date, so stay tuned.

And for those of you who haven't forgotten I was going to do a Scotch tape manicure and share the results with you.  I did one and it didn't work too great for me, mostly because I have no patience for letting nail polish dry all the way before I pull off the tape.  But I will share pictures of the failure, and of my pretty glittery pedicure that I miraculously did not fail at, next week.

And also, my brother graduated from Marines boot camp today! He posted a picture on Facebook in his uniform and he looks so grown-up!  It's weird. (He's 21.)  And I'm really proud of him.

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