Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fashion: Fashion and Failure

I made a decision: Fridays on my blog will now be Fashion Friday.  I couldn't resist the alliteration.  It's one of my weaknesses.  Some other weaknesses I have are chocolate, zombie movies, flash-based internet games, hats, and hoodies.  Today I wore one of my favorite outfits, complete with my favorite shirt and skirt.  This skirt is the only thing I own with lace on it, and I've been really into lace so it's my favorite at the moment.  I also had a light bulb moment as I was taking ridiculous headless shots of myself in the mirror.  My camera has a feature where you can make snapshots out of video frames!  So instead of the awful headless mirror shots, I can actually have pictures where I pose and have fun, which is the best part in my opinion.  So I attempted that today.  It failed hard.  The concept was great but the planning was not.  I should have cleaned up the room I was shooting in first, which I did not.  I should have also done a few seconds of test video to make sure no objects would be in the way of me while shooting the video.  I did not.  There was a chair in the way.  And the living room, which I do not use much as I am always in my room where it is warmer, was pretty messy because of my roommates and a friend of theirs who is staying with us for a while.  So you get a headless shot today.  But you also get an action shot collage auto-generated by my camera of the failure that was my video attempt.  Also, just know that since I planned on being headless, this was done pre-makeup, since I'm planning to dye my hair later and it would all get washed off in the shower, so I'm waiting to do my makeup after I finish dying my hair.

my favorite skirt, from Hot Topic at 95% off because they were going out of business
it cost me like 75 cents or something insanely awesome like that
not only does it have lace, but there are rounded studs as well and it's delightful for twirling
shirt was a gift, leggings from Sears, boots from Goodwill

my awesome purple boots

so much failure in such a small space, i dare you to view at full size so you can see the
intrusive chair and the clutter, but it's sort of artsy i guess in a hipsterish sort of way
Also, today is G and my 3 month anniversary. No plans for tonight except watching the Seahawks most likely get severely beaten by the Eagles.  (that's football, not bird fighting)  And G passed the final thing to get his master's degree yesterday! I'm so proud of him : )

What you can look forward to next week: hopefully no headless shots, maybe photos from me posing outside of my house somewhere, at least cleaning my house before shooting if not going outside.

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