Friday, December 16, 2011

Facebook Ads: They're Weird

I happen to know that is a fairly normal site.  They offer good deals on restaurants and stuff.  But if I didn't know that and saw this Facebook ad, it would not make me want to the visit the site.

Okay, so the 5 new things to do in Seattle everyday part is pretty cool.  But the picture, while adorable, makes me wonder what sorts of people this site is directed toward.  Is one of the 5 new things to do everday buying a cute little piggy?  Is another buying it two pairs of children's rainboots?  Is the third taking it on a walk through the mud?  I can't wait to see what things number 4 and 5 could be!  (I hope for the cute little piggy's sake, they don't involve bacon.  Yeah, I went there.)  Sometimes I just think the Facebook ad creators take the weirdest picture they can find and slap it on next to the company's name and the least helpful description ever.  And then they go smoke more crack.  (Crack is smoked, right?  After writing that, I'm questioning whether it smoked or injected.  Oh well, I'm leaving it.  Also, can't be bothered to look it up.  I have important things to do!)


  1. I'm pretty sure that pig comes from a news story ages ago. And I think you're right about the Facebook ad people sticking random things together, though I have an adblocker so I only see ads on Facebook or anywhere else if I log onto another computer. Which is awesome.

  2. Also, I really like your blog's new layout! Since I usually catch updates in Google reader, I haven't been here recently and don't know exactly when it changed... but it's cool!!

  3. @Dan I would get an adblocker, but my laptop is slow enough as it is that I don't want to download anything else on it.
    @Ellen Thanks. I like it too. I changed it not too long ago. I like this background way better because it doesn't compete with my text at all. It's subtle, but still cool. And it reminds of snow, or glitter, both things that I enjoy.

  4. Ooooh, I think you'll enjoy this then:


  5. Some don't find it very pleasing, but it's a sure way to make their brands noticeable. I believe it can be removed from your profile page if you want. There's a new feature of Facebook that functions like that kind of stuff. Why don't you try it?


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