Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fashion: Fog and Fashion

My camera still sucks.  It was foggy this morning, so I took pictures because it looked really cool.  The pictures do not convey how cool it looked, but here they are anyway.

the pool, locked up during fall and winter
looks like a scene from a scary movie

trees with fog behind them
(trust me, it looked cooler in real life)
Enough of fog. It's time for fashion.  "No shoes on, because I forgot and I don't need them because I'm in the house" edition.

first with my coat (Goodwill)

"this is serious business" face

coat removed; I've had this cardigan for at least 10 years
(don't know where I got it, probably a yard sale)

hand on hip again

hang ten?

Yeah I don't know either
Cardigan: probably from a yard sale (back in the day it was full length and I wore it with the sleeves rolled up and I hated it, now I love it), shirt: Wet Seal (you can't tell in the pictures but there's a stain on it from where I spilled grease during the summer; it was painful because the grease was hot and I don't remember what I was cooking; I still wear it though because it's my only plain colored t-shirt), shorts: Goodwill, leggings: still from Sears (I wear them all the time when I'm not wearing jeans in the winter because it's cold and these are the only leggings I own), socks: Ross (you can't tell but I am wearing socks; they're black knee socks with a red and white plaid pattern; they're rolled down because my calf muscles are too big and when I have them on normally they cut off my circulation (too much hacky sacking I suppose (parenthetical inception(I still haven't seen that movie(Inception))))  I had my hair in a side ponytail because my bangs looked terrible every other way I did my hair.  They're just long enough to tuck behind my ears, but not long enough to stay there for more than 2 seconds.  I'm also rocking a brown smoky eye with e.l.f. eyeshadow, because I recently discovered that brown makes my eyes pop like crazy, but you can't see it in the pictures.

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