Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Product Review: Face Mask

I purchased this cucumber face mask in a sample size at Rite Aid for just 99 cents.  There were 3 different types of face masks at prices considerably lower than the other types.  I didn't know if any of them would work, so I purchased a sample size.  At 99 cents, it's not a big waste of money if it doesn't work well, as opposed to paying for the full size and then being unsatisfied with it.  The mask claims that it will clarify and renew your skin.  It is the Freeman "Feeling Beautiful" Facial Peel-Off Mask in Cucumber.

Before applying the face mask, I exfoliated my skin.  I used the apricot scrub that I bought at Rite Aid for under $4.  I am really pleased with how well it works.  It is unscented and has shell fragments as the part that exfoliates.  It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and I will definitely purchase it again in the future.

This is what my skin looks like before applying the mask.  I have bad skin and it's very broken out right now.  Also, exfoliating it makes everything appear redder until it calms back down.  Besides my break-outs, I also get clogged pores so hopefully this mask will help with that.

I would provide during photos but they look the same as the before photos.  The mask is clear.  For some reason I expected it to be green, but it is not.  It smells really nice.  It has a refreshing scent, like a cucumber, so it seems like it's very natural, and not like I'm putting chemicals on my face, which is good.  The main ingredients are cucumber extract, aloe leaf juice, and glycerin.  There are also some chemicals in it, so it isn't completely natural, but it still smells like it is.  The consistency is about what you would expect, sort of gel-like and kind of sticky feeling. After applying it to your face, it makes your face feel cool, like when you put aloe vera gel on a sunburn.  It is a refreshing feeling combined with the refreshing scent.  The mask says to leave it on for 5-10 minutes, or until it gets dry, and then to peel it off and rinse your face.  I have had it on for about 6 minutes now and it's beginning to feel a bit tight and dry, so I'm going to go peel it off.

Okay, so I didn't take an after picture because my skin still looks the same.  I wish that I could convey  with a picture how soft my skin feels now.  The mask peeled off really well.  I rinsed my face and patted it dry like the instructions said.  I would advise you to either avoid getting the mask on your eyebrows to start with or to get some warm water on them before peeling off the mask.  This mask will yank out your hair if you try to pull it off and it is in your hair at all.  This includes the hair on your head.  In my experience with masks, this is pretty common.  If the mask is on your hair at all, put some warm water on the part in your hair before you peel off the mask.  Otherwise you'll pull out some of your hair and it will not be pretty.

Some tips:

Do the mask before you take a shower.  I did it after I showered and then had to get right back in the shower afterward to rinse the mask bits out of my hair.  There wasn't much, but I have OCD.

Your skin will feel so soft after you finish that you will want to keep touching it.  Try your very hardest not to.  The oils from your skin will make your face get oily, which you do not want.

My final thoughts.  The mask claimed to clarify and renew skin.  It did not clear my pores, but my skin does feel refreshed and very soft.  I do plan to purchase it in the full-size but I also plan to keep buying samples of the other types until I find one that clears my pores.  After purchasing the full size, I will continue to use it once a week, because I am so amazed with how soft my skin feels right now.

I guess I should make up some sort of score system, so here it is: Each category can earn a possible 2 points.  0 points is the worst possible score for each category, while 2 points is the best possible score for each category.

fulfills claims: 1 out of 2
scent: 2 out of 2
results: 2 out of 2
would buy again: 2 out of 2

for a final score of 7 out of 8

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