Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just Some Stuff

I went to the Ave a few days ago. At night.  Nothing bad happened, so I'm grateful.  That place is sketchy during the day.  Too cold out for the creepy people, I suppose.  Went to Dollar Tree and used the rest of my free money from my bank.  Went to the book store and used up most of the rest of my rebate.  Got G a cool hat.  Also bought myself some jewelry making stuff.  Went to Goodwill and found a pair of jeans that fits me perfectly.  After only trying on 5 pairs!  (Last time, I found three pairs that worked after trying on 30. And even then, I had to settle for ones that were either too long or too big around.)  Also got two cute checkered scarves for under $10 total.  Looked for some heels that I would like enough to actually want to learn to walk in them.  Didn't find any.  Will try Crossroads Trading.  Probably next month though.  Discovered a vintage shop.  They had some pretty cool stuff, but I'm not into vintage.  The prices were too high for me anyway.  But it was fun to browse.  Had coffee with a friend.  She's not a super close friend, but it was nice anyway.  And by coffee, I mean a chai latte.  Hadn't had one for a year, and I love them.  Rode the bus back to G's and we watched Food Network and cuddled.  He loves his new hat.  It was a good day.  But all the interactions with strangers made me tired.  I'm weird like that.  It's like I have a certain level of human interaction I can handle on a given day and after that level has been reached, any additional interaction just makes me exhausted.  But only with people I don't know.  I'm really liking my sentence fragments today.


  1. Figured you were an introvert, but the last bit in this post pretty much confirms it beyond a doubt. I'm the same way! High five!! And it's not weird at all, so don't sell yourself short.
    This is pretty good reading:

    P.S. I got my package in the mail yesterday!!! :D I was secretly hoping for the necklace too. ^^

  2. Oh yes, I am definitely an introvert. Sometimes I have crippling social anxiety and can't leave my house, which sucks, but other times it's fine. I'm so happy you like the necklace :)


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