Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Bit of Housekeeping Regarding my New Blog Design

I'm sure most of you noticed that I made some pages at the top of my blog, in an attempt to de-clutter my sidebar.  One of the unforseen problems with this is that I moved all of the blogs I read, which had previously been part of a widget that showed me the latest post on each blog so that I could easily see when they updated, to a page.  So now, in order to see when you guys post new blog posts, I have to actually go through and click each blog to check.  Either that or start using Google Reader, which I've never used.  Part of my OCD is that I am very averse to change.  I like to do things one way all the time.  But I will attempt to use my Google Reader, just because I know your posts will be worth it.  However, I probably won't read your blogs every single day, so that thing I do where I comment on nearly every post will probably not happen quite so much any more.  And for that, I am truly sorry, unless the sheer volume of my comments annoys you, in which case I guess you can go celebrate or something.

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  1. I read blog posts with Google reader on the Blogger dashboard-- it's a pretty easy way to see who's posted something new. I like the new layout :)


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