Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beauty Tips

A while ago I searched the internet for some at-home beauty remedies.  Number one on my list was a face scrub and a lip scrub.  I didn't want to have to go out and buy ingredients; the point was to use stuff I already had in the house.  For a face scrub, the only one I found that I had all the ingredients for was mixing salt with lotion.  I tried it and I was not happy with the results at all.  First of all, my face was broken out so the salt stung like crazy.  Then when I got it all scrubbed and washed off, my skin was so dry.  The lotion was supposed to keep that from happening but it did not work.  So now I use Apricot Scrub from Rite Aid and I am very pleased with it, especially since it costs just a little over $4. 

I did, however, manage to find a super simple lip scrub that works great.  Just take a little bit of granulated sugar (I use brown sugar) and mix it with a little bit of olive oil until it forms a paste consistency.  Then just rub it on your lips (I rub my lips together after putting it on, like when I'm rubbing in my chapstick, just to make sure it gets all the dead skin.  Rinse it off and your lips will be soft and smooth. Put on some chapstick to keep the moisture in and you're good to go.

Another thing that I find works really well is rinsing my hair with a vinegar solution to keep from having dandruff.  I tend to wear a lot of black still (trying not to, but most of what I own is black, so it can't be avoided) so dandruff is especially annoying.  I have tried many different dandruff shampoos and haven't managed to find one that works and that I can afford.  Countless places on the web said to rinse my hair with a mixture of 1 cup warm water and 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar (any kind of vinegar).  So I tried it and it worked, no dandruff at all.  Some people do it every other day, but I do it just twice a week, and it works great.  You don't want to do it too often or it will dry out your hair.

Do you know of any other awesome beauty tips using stuff you already have in the house?


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