Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nifty Thrifty Thursday

Just so you know, this probably isn't going to become a weekly post series, because I don't thrift weekly.  This is on top of my dresser right now (in real life right now there are more shells and feathers and rocks that I added yesterday).

When you make jewelry faster than you sell it, you have to have a place to put it.  And if you make minimum wage, you might have to get creative.  Everything on top of my dresser (aside from the jewelry, which I either made or bought) is something I made, thrifted, was gifted, or purchased inexpensively (aside from the copper colored jewelry holder in the center on the right side, which I bought on eBay).  I made the picture frame jewelry holder from a Dollar Tree picture frame.  I made the wine bottle jewelry holder from a sparkling cider bottle my mom gave me and some wire that I bought on sale at the art supply store.  I made the two small blue clay dishes in art school in high school.  I also made the box on top of the wooden jewelry box on the right in high school art class.  I just hot glued together some cool tiles.  (I'll show you it and the clay dishes in greater detail in another post later on.)  The biggest wooden jewelry box, wooden mushroom, and little blue owl were all gifts.  The little jewelry box on top of the smaller wooden jewelry box is one I've had since I was a little kid.  All of the other dishes were thrifted, all for less than $5 each.  My latest finds are the oval sectioned dish with the gold handles and a white saucer with a black bird track pattern.  I'll dedicate an entire post at a later date to the cool patterned dishes I've thrifted, but not today.  I also have some other thrifted teacups that live on my shelf.  Some people might think this looks tacky or cluttered, but I love it (even more now that I have my shells, stones, and feathers).  My decorating sense is definitely eclectic.  (and soon there will be more proof when I share my ever-growing wall of art)

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