Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Old Cemeteries

I love old cemeteries.  There's a pioneer cemetery near my hometown that my mom and I used to visit.  It's kind of sad though, like everyone just forgot about all of the people who were buried there.  Some of the headstones are so eroded by time that you can't even tell there were ever words on them.  I just feel like it's important to remember the people who are gone, even if I never actually knew them, or even had a chance to know them, since they died long before my grandparents were even born.

The oldest graves are behind this rusty wrought iron fence.

Lots of the headstones have poems engraved in them.

This is the tallest monument in the cemetery.

another poem and some lichen

The children's headstones are especially sad.  This little girl was only 3 months old when she died.

This little girl wasn't quite 2 years old when she died.

I think this is the most recent headstone in the cemetery.  They don't bury anyone there anymore.

This was a really big and elaborately carved headstone.  Apparently the family was wealthy.

Thankfully this cemetery doesn't have any weeping angels in it.  Another reason I like old cemeteries is that there usually aren't any other people there.  It's quiet and peaceful.


  1. Those headstones are so neat! I love how old they are. Cemeteries are just so peaceful. I don't even mind being in them after dark (I'm only nervous about the kids who are breaking in to vandalize them, not the people in the ground lol). Lots of the ones here in the South have weeping angels. I have to admit, it's very hard to look away from them and turn my back. I just KNOW I'm going to look back and see them right behind me. lol

  2. I find a walk in a cemetery a very cathartic experience. Good for the soul. You took some wonderful photos, I love them.

  3. Fell in love with this post as soon as you mentioned the Weeping Angels! Old cemeteries always carry something very mysterious about them, I love how in films and television they can be adapted to become something terrifying, romantic or scornful.
    Love your blog and would much appericate if you could check my sorry attempt xx

  4. I love old cemeteries, they are fascinating! Although being in the US your "old" isn't really that old compared to our old :)

    1. I would love to go to an old British cemetery!

  5. I love going to old cemetaries myself. my favorite was when I was visiting family in Boston and Salem, Mass. so many beautiful headstones.


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