Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Glasses from Zenni Optical!

I ordered these glasses from Zenni Optical and they arrived last Thursday, but I didn't get around to photographing them until today.  My eyesight changed enough that I noticed that I wasn't seeing clearly three weeks ago, so I set up an eye doctor appointment.  I thought it had been about a year since my last one, but it was almost two years!  As I expected, my eyesight had changed quite a bit, so I got a new prescription and went online to browse for glasses.  I wanted to try one of the sites with the free at-home try-on programs, but those glasses were still more expensive than what I wanted to pay, so I went to my usual website, Zenni Optical.  I wrote about how great their site is before, in this post.  Their glasses start from just $6.95 a pair (for both frames and lenses! without upgrades), so they fit any budget.  I have ordered from them before.  I got the green glasses in these photos there, as well as some brown ones that I don't think I ever posted pictures of.  My new ones cost more than the previous pairs, but were still affordable at just under $95.  I got these glasses.  I got them as no-line bifocals, with oleophobic lens coating (meaning that they're oil-resistant and therefore I don't have to clean them a million times a day), and with the tint that makes them turn into sunglasses when I'm out in the sun, which is great because my eyes have been pretty light-sensitive.  They get a light purple tint, which is pretty cool.  I am still getting used to the no-line bifocals.  It's pretty interesting.  The bifocals I had before had a line, so if I looked through that spot in my glasses, I just saw the line.  But these ones don't have a line, so if I look through the spot where the prescriptions change, it seems really blurry and feel a little bit nauseous.  I'm starting to figure out where that spot is so I don't look through it though.  Overall I really like these glasses.  They got the prescriptions correct, just as I entered them in my order.  They are quality glasses with durable plastic frames and pretty thick lenses.

Zenni Optical sent my new glasses in a hard case, along with the prettiest cleaning cloth ever!


  1. Sweet new glasses! I need a new pair myself but I'm probably just going to wait until I run out of contacts before I set up an appointment.

  2. Cute new glasses! I've thought about looking into getting glasses online, too. I REALLY want some librarian chic cat eyes! I'm hoping to find some soon!

    1. They have so many pairs of cat eye glasses on Zenni Optical. Check it out!

  3. I've been trying to remember that website for ages! A friend of mine told me about it about a year ago, but with my goldfish brain, I forgot it within seconds. I'm in need of a new pair pretty soon, so I'm super excited that you accidentally reminded me! Those glasses are fantastic. :)

  4. Yay, I'm so glad I could help. It's not an easy name to remember. I would have forgotten after my first order if I hadn't posted it on my blog :) I hope you find some awesome glasses for a low low price!

  5. Looks great! And the frames do look sturdy. Those cat eye glasses look amazing! I may try ordering from them if my next eye checkup doesn’t result in a drastic change in prescription. I’m already eyeing a frame that I like. Thanks for the link!

    Augusta @

  6. Hello, is this the same pair:
    Thank you. :)


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