Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fashion: My Summer Fashion Wishlist

Summer Fashion Wishlist

I have a long wishlist, but these are a few of the items that I wouldn't mind showing up in my closet.  I want a flower crown so badly!  It would be great to wear with a colorful lace dress.  I like them paired with bright flats in contrasting colors.  I like these flats because they're my favorite color and my current brightly colored flats are super close to dead (but I still wear them anyway).  I'm always a fan of cute floral printed blouses, and this is one of my favorites.  Foxes are one of my current obsessions and I don't have any fox stuff at all!  This ring would be a great to remedy this problem.  Hats have always been an obsession of mine and this hat would be perfect for exploring and going on adventures!  I also really want a satchel.  This one has lots of color and personality, and it's big enough to hold the essentials, including my wallet, book, and camera.  I love the bright summery colors on this striped top and I love horizontal stripes, well any stripes actually.  Horizontal, vertical, diagonal; I'm not picky.  And this skirt!  I would wear it with so many things!  It's twirly and asymmetrical and amazing and I adore it.

So if I had everything I wanted in my wardrobe, it would definitely contain all of these things, plus a lot more.


  1. Oh! I love that! I actually got a similar skirt to the black one from Walmart of all places! If you could find a skirt at the thrift shop, it would be so easy to cut the hem like that. Flower crowns are so, so easy to make! You can usually pick up some flowers from a dollar store.

    1. Wow, lucky find! And that's a good idea. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a skirt at a thrift shop to do that with. And I am planning on making my own flower crown, just haven't made the time to yet.


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