Monday, May 13, 2013

Nerdish Delight: Amazing Indie Games that Need Your Help

The other day I was looking at posts in the Indie Games community on Google+.  It's a really great community for indie gamers and indie game creators.  I came across two games that I really want to play.  They both have funding campaigns going on, one on Kickstarter and the other on Indiegogo.  I really want these games to get enough funding so I can play them at some point, but unfortunately I can't back them myself.  My hours at work are incredibly erratic, I'm looking at schools with web design programs, and I'm going through some lady problems that I won't go into (I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow).  All of these things are using up my money.  Plus rent, obviously.  So I am doing what I can with what I have.  And what I have is a blog, so I am blogging about these games.

The first game is called Pandora: Purge of Pride.  The campaign has 17 days left and is nearly halfway to their funding goal.  I would want to play this game for the art alone (but the gameplay is also incredible).  Seriously, look how good it is!

In Pandora: Purge of Pride, you'll play a Victorian woman named Pandora (in the picture above).  (High five for female protagonist!)  She accidentally unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins on her mansion and she must recapture them all to stop them from spreading.  When you capture Sins, you gain new powers related to the Sins.  For example, capturing Sloth allows you to slow an object down.  You can read more about the game on their Kickstarter page.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this game is the fact that is was created entirely by just four Interactive Media and Game Development Students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, who make up High Class Kitsch.

The second game is called 42 Light Years.  This game only has 7 days left, and is a little over a quarter of their funding goal.  It's another game that I would play for the art alone, but it also has great gameplay.  (If you know me at all, you know that art is a huge deciding factor in the games I play.)

This game involves the manipulation of time as the main mechanism for solving puzzles.  And as someone who loves Legend of Zelda games, that's a mechanism that I can really get behind.  Unlike in The Legend of Zelda games, the hero is not the one traveling through time.  Instead he can send different objects forward or backward in time in order to solve puzzles.  In 42 Light Years, you play a hero called Quarante who wakes up on an unknown planet and can't remember why he's there.  He has to survive and does this with help from a lifeform who gives him the Timeball, which allows him to do the aforementioned time manipulation.  You can read more about this game on the Indiegogo page.

And again impressively, this game was created by a team of just 4 members.  They are from Guatemala.

And if that isn't enough to convince you, these games both have really great perks for contributing funding.  Even if you can't contribute, if you like indie games, you should really check these two out.  These games are both very unique, and sound like they'll be shining examples of what an indie game can be.

Update: Everything is good with me health-wise and I have gotten more hours at work, so I backed Pandora: Purge of Pride.  You should back it too! Please? I want to play it

Update 2: Pandora: Purge of Pride reached its funding goal (and exceeded it by over $1,000!).  You can pre-order it here for $9.99.  There is also a demo you can try at the same link.

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