Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fashion: Put a Blazer on It

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friday fashion 4 friday fashion 5 friday fashion 6

Sometimes you get an awesome blazer at the Assistance League Thrift Store. Sometimes you get blue jeans at the same place, because you have tons of awesome jeans but no actual blue jeans.  Sometimes you wear these clothing items with a T-shirt that your parents bought you when they were in San Diego for your brother's graduation from Marine's boot camp.  Sometimes you wear it with your favoritest hat ever, which you bought at Wish.  Sometimes you photograph yourself in said outfit and then try to eat a flower and then you write a blog post.  Sometimes you go back to the Assistance League Thrift Store and find another awesome blazer, this time in green, and also a $2 t-shirt and then you make new jewelry and photograph it and post it on Google+, and then Tom Riddle likes it and you're not sure how to feel about that.  Sometimes you just feel like wearing a tee shirt and jeans and then you throw a blazer on over it and feel like it makes you look put-together/like a rockstar.  Sometimes you only have to try on one pair of jeans and they fit perfectly (sometimes this only happens once in your entire life but when it does you feel like you won the lottery!).  And sometimes those same jeans are like new and only cost $5.  And sometimes I tell you to have a great weekend and then I go to the annual street fair and also to gluten-free pizza with my friend.


  1. I love your outfits! The first pinstripe blazer looks steampunkish to me!

  2. Thanks. I've actually worn one of these blazers every day of this week :)


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