Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog and Shop of the Month: Moth de Lune and Rescued Threads

This month's choice was an easy one.  This shop and this blog were my choices as soon as I discovered them.  My shop of the month is Rescued Threads.  They take old clothing and fabric and give it new life in the form of really great clothing, art, and jewelry.  Their shop also supports some really great organizations, including Doctors without Borders and Habitat for Humanity.  If I had to choose my favorite item from their shop, I wouldn't be able to choose between this headband and this artwork.

You can find all of these great items and much more in the Rescued Thread shop on Etsy.

I found Moth de Lune through Rachael's blog and I instantly loved it.  Ella is so nice and down-to-earth and she always shares the coolest stuff, like this Break-Your-Own-Geode from Etsy, which I just had to purchase for myself.  I bought one, but I haven't opened it yet.  I'll share the results when I do.  I'm hoping to get some nice chunks to wire wrap and make into cool jewelry for my shop.  Ella likes to write about stuff like crystals, stuff she made, fashion, and her hobbies (which include going to old graveyards!).

Click Ella's shoes to go see the rest of her awesome blog.

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