Friday, May 27, 2011


If you wear glasses, you should really check out this website before you buy your next pair.  They have glasses for as low as $6.95.  You might think that for that price, it's just the frames, but you would be wrong.  Prescription lenses are included.  You just type in your prescription.  They aren't just reading glasses where you have to choose from 4 different prescriptions.  You type in your exact prescription and they'll make them for you.  Now you're probably thinking, well these glasses must look pretty dorky if they cost only $6.95.  You'd be wrong again.  They have at least 30 cool looking frames for only $6.95, lenses included.  And possibly the coolest part of this site is that you can upload a photo of yourself and try on the glasses.  You can even compare up to 4 different pairs at a time.  They also sell sunglasses, prescription or not.  There is also an option to get magnetized sunglasses attachment that will fit your new frames for only like $4 more.  Even if you don't wear glasses, if you ever wondered what you would look like with them, this site's good for that too.  And you don't have to register for an account or do a special offer either.

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