Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project Time

I have a new follower! Greetings to lucky follower number 13, Sarah from Perth.

I recently started an account on artfire.com, so now I'm making stuff to sell there.  Yesterday, I made this bracelet.

photo taken with my scanner, because my new camera hates me
Today, I am going to go to the art store and get supplies to make feather earrings.  They look awesome and people sell them for quite a bit.  I was inspired by these ones that I bought at the street fair.

photo courtesy of my webcam, which takes slightly better pictures than my camera
So that's what I'm doing today.  Well, I'm doing that and selling some more books so I can get clear nail polish to put on the sides of my glasses where they touch my face.  You know how rings made out of cheap metal turn your fingers colors where they touch your skin? Well, that's what my glasses are doing to my face.  I kind of need to get some new glasses, since these get bent really easily too, and have a big scratch across one lens as of two days ago.  Hopefully I can make enough money for new glasses off of my jewelry sales.


  1. I love feather earings, i have a beige pair with gems on (sounds tacky but trust me they aren't).

  2. Hooray for DIY! The bracelet is really cote, and I think the photo taken with the scanner is very interesting. Good luck selling your wares!


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