Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Am so Busy

But most of the stuff I'm doing is fun.  I'm going to the Seattle Art Museum with my best friend today.  Than doing more job searching.  And meeting another friend for dinner tonight.  Then Saturday and Sunday is the U District street fair.  It should be fun, though a bit bittersweet, since last year I went on my first date there and then the guy moved to California a week later.  Oh, and I need to contact the people I'll be renting from and figure out some stuff there.  This is the second day of sunshine! And It's supposed to last until tomorrow.  Then, rain just in time for the street fair.  Whatever, I'll go anyway.

Oh yeah, the world's supposed to be ending too, in case you haven't heard.  May 21st to be exact.  It must be true.  This guy named Harold Camping predicted it.  Sure, he was wrong about the world ending in 1994, but he wouldn't dare to make that mistake twice, right? Yeah, I don't believe it either.  After all, everyone knows that the world is ending in 2012.

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