Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday Fashion: How I Would Wear Stripes with Florals

What I love about mixing floral prints with stripes is that it's pretty foolproof.  Pretty much any combination of stripes and florals will look good together (as long as the stripes are black-and-white).  I saw these two images awhile ago and completely fell in love with the look of stripes and floral prints together.

via Sunday Crossbow

via Life Unsweetened, which is a blog that I highly recommend

So then I created my own outfits with stripes and floral print.  I made them in Polyvore, of course, since I still haven't bought a black and white striped shirt or black and white striped jeans.

This is the super bold version:

I feel like if you're going to go this bold with your prints, you should stick to neutral colored shoes and accessories, in similar shades.  I think this would be a super cute outfit for date night or even for work, depending on where you work.  And each piece in this outfit is under $50! (Okay, the dress is $51, but it's close.)  You can recreate this look even more affordably if you already own some similar pieces or if you shop at thrift stores.

This is a more subtle way of mixing your stripes and florals (as subtle as you can be with black and white striped jeans, anyway!)  You could make it even more subtle with light grey and white striped jeans.

I couldn't really decide on one floral top, so I made an outfit for three different tops.  I would definitely wear all three of these outfits.  I think the brown bags and shoes that match the top add a fun touch while still keeping it more subtle.  I would add a blazer, cardigan, or jacket with each, because I live in Seattle, but I ran out of space, so you can use your imagination.

I think that mixing florals with stripes is a really cute and fun idea for spring.


  1. The high-heeled shoes!!!!! I love them!

  2. I always try to get people to branch out and try pattern mixing. For one thing, it makes your wardrobe much more versatile. You can get a lot more looks out of the pieces you already own if you mix it up a bit. Yes, people will give you a bad time, but a lot of people completely lack imagination. I say if it brings you joy, wear it!

  3. I love those outfits! I seriously need a pair of those stripey pants! I love the pairing with florals, too. I really love the second outfit in that lineup at the bottom!


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