Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sleepover

This weekend I went over to my aunt's house, which is only about a half hour away from me.  Almost all of my cousins from my dad's side came up, as well as my aunts and uncles from my dad's side.  Everyone slept over Saturday night.  We played a whole bunch  of fun and crazy games.  Then we watched Bridesmaids and then all of the people my age except two slept on couches and air mattresses in the finished basement.  I ended up unknowingly getting the air mattress that had a slow leak.  I found out when I woke up in the night and I was laying on the floor.

On Easter we had a big breakfast, of which I could only eat the scrambled eggs and the strawberries.  The Easter Bunny brought all of us cousins a chocolate bunny, but I couldn't eat mine because it was made in a facility that also processes wheat.  After that we started cooking.  We also tried to have a Peeps joust in the microwave but that didn't work very well.  The Peeps got really puffed up but then they deflated.  They looked really funny at the end.  And then they tasted like toasted marshmallows, only covered in sugar.

We also made deviled egg chicks, which was interesting.  We didn't have any olives, so we used peppercorns as eyes.  Then we had to tell everyone not to eat the eyes.

The one I made was the first one on the left in the middle row that looks like it has wings.
The only thing about making these adorable little deviled eggs is that it's hard to eat them without feeling bad, especially since they're too big to eat in just one bite.

After that we had a big dinner with lots of food that I couldn't eat.  I could eat the deviled eggs and ham though, and they were good.  Then there were a whole bunch of desserts that I couldn't eat at all, including two cakes and a cheesecake.

Then all of the girls got free facials, because my cousin has started selling skincare products and needed to practice.  Well actually we only got free half-facials, because we only got to do it on one side of our face so we could see the difference.  The products worked really well, but they are way too expensive for me to be able to buy any.  After that everyone went home, because we all had to work today.


  1. It sounds like you're weekend was fun and not so fun! I have Celiac too so I totally get the holiday dinner that you don't get to eat. In the past, I've even had to cook part of the meal. That's just no fun. Now on holidays, I usually fix my own sides (sometimes my whole meal) and pack it along with me. I also usually take these cookies ( with me. I'm sorry you didn't get to eat your bunny. :( Lidnt 85% is usually safe for me (and I'm totally grain free and MSG free due to gluten) and so is Equal Exchange (I usually get those at a Whole Foods type store).

  2. Those little chicks are so cute! :3



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