Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Fashion: Striped Jeans

Can we talk about jeans for a minute?  Of course we can, because this is my blog and I can talk about whatever I want.  And right now I want to talk about jeans.  I love jeans.  I especially love weird, crazy, zany, fun jeans.  I don't even own a pair of ordinary blue jeans.  I don't own a single pair of blue jeans, not even one.  I do own: a pair of black jeans with distressing and red sequins, a pair of army green jeans with lots of pockets, a pair of khaki jeans, a pair of pinkish-purple jeans, a pair of dark red jeans, and a pair of dark gray jeans with a bleaching pattern that's sort of like tie dye.  The point I'm trying to make here is that I am a big fan of jeans.  They are a serious wardrobe staple for me.  And I want more, specifically a pair of camo jeans and a pair of black and white striped jeans, like in this outfit.

Why black and white striped jeans are so cool:

1.  I would feel like a character out of a Tim Burton movie every time I wore them, and I love Tim Burton movies.

2.  They're surprisingly versatile.  I would be able to wear them with just about everything, including plain tops and printed tops.  This would allow me to do some fun pattern mixing including polka dots and stripes, floral and stripes, and subtle zebra print and stripes.

3. It's all the fun and excitement of a circus without scary murderous clowns.

4.  I could wear them under skirts and dresses like striped leggings.  This would be especially helpful next winter when it's cold again.  (It's sunny in Seattle right now and has been this week.  Look quick before it's rainy again.)

So basically black and white striped jeans need to find their way into my wardrobe posthaste.


  1. I love this outfit and I LOVE those jeans! I've been eyeing some on Love Culture that are just leggings. I agree with the Tim Burton character feeling!

  2. These are pretty badass. I have a lot of black & white items in my closet, and these would make one hell of a statement. LOVE it!


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