Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fashion: Peplum Top

Orange Skirt Casual Outfit

When I first saw that peplum tops were in, I thought they looked cute on some people but I could never pull one off.  Then I saw Candace Bailey wearing one on Attack of the Show.  She's one of my girl crushes and I wish that show was still on because it was one of my favorite shows.  Anyway she has a very similar body type to me and she looked really cute in a peplum top and green jeans (Let's be honest though; She looks cute in anything she wears.  And yes I am jealous).  So I realized that I might look good in one too.  I haven't tried it yet because of my illness and weight loss, I'm not buying any clothes until I'm back to my previous weight, so they'll actually fit.  Plus I still haven't been able to go back to work yet and no income means no spending money on non-necessities.  Anyway, if I had infinite money, I would buy a peplum top and style it like this.  It's more of a casual outfit.  And I love leather jackets (well faux leather).  I have a brown one and a black one.  That's the only part of this outfit I actually own, but a girl can dream.

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