Friday, March 15, 2013

My House is Not Haunted, Probably

Yesterday I was doing yoga and the weather was overcast, so I had a lamp turned on in the middle of the day.  It was one of those touch lamps that you touch to turn on.  It has three different levels of brightness.  I had it turned to the lowest level.  I started doing my yoga and the lamp got brighter, brighter again, then turned off.  I immediately assumed that there must be a ghost in the house.  It was invisible and standing there touching the touch lamp to freak me out.  It was also clearly a pervert ghost and I wasn't about to continue with my yoga.  Then I remembered that science is a thing that exists and the bulb was probably loose.  At the risk of accidentally walking through a ghost, I walked over to the lamp and grabbed the bulb to see if it was loose.  The bulb was hot and I almost burned my hand so I let go and grabbed a tissue and used that to protect my hand.  It turns out that the bulb was loose so I tightened it and that solved the problem.  I was slightly disappointed that I didn't need to call the Ghostbusters though (because they're a real thing and not just fictional characters on a movie).  So my house is almost definitely not haunted, probably.


  1. Those touch lamps are so touchy

  2. Hey..I do not reject the hypothesis that the ghost has loosened the bulb. I'm pretty sure my house is haunted.

  3. I too worry that the ghost loosened the bulb. That's just the sort of evil thing a ghost would do,


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