Monday, March 25, 2013

The Need for a New Blog Design

My blog design has always been a bit of work in progress.  It's close to where I want it now, but not there yet.  I recently finished free online courses in basic HTML and basic CSS on, so now I'm ready to put that knowledge to work here.  So far I have fixed my nav bar with CSS.  I decreased the amount of links and picked a font, Century Gothic, that I will use elsewhere on my blog.  Because speaking of fonts, at the moment I have five different ones and I think that I should decrease that to two or three.  I also want to have a different color scheme and add more of my own drawings and graphics with an Alice in Wonderland theme, including teacup shaped social media icons.  And my margins could use a bit of work too.  So all of this is in the works, and by in the works I mostly mean in my head or on my Pinterest boards.

In somewhat related news, I'm now working 4 hours a day 4 days a week, so I'll still have lots of free time (for blog redesign things and Etsy shop things (like trying to get my jewelry into more local businesses)) but also not have to worry about being able to pay my rent each month.


  1. I think your blog looks fantastic how it is! Although, having said that, I think one little thing I would suggest is to change the font of the actual blog posts. It's a nice hand-written font but I do find it a little difficult to navigate my eyes around it at 8am.

  2. Thanks Martin : ) I'm going to change the post font to Century Gothic. Actually I'll do that right now, since it will only take a minute.

  3. Great work so far! The new font certainly makes it easier to read!


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