Monday, April 8, 2013

Blog and Shop of the Month: Perfect Mode

I discovered a lot of really great shops and blogs in the past month, but once I saw Minimal Mode and The Perfect Pear, I easily made my decision about who would be my Blog and Shop of the Month this month.

Minimal Mode is a really cool Etsy shop that has only been open since November 2012.  They have some really unique and interesting sort of modern-meets-punk jewelry, as well as some really cool wire crochet necklaces.  (I can't even crochet yarn!)  I am personally wishing for this bracelet from Minimal Mode to grace my wrist.  To see all of the jewelry that Minimal Mode has to offer (most, if not all, with free shipping), check out their shop.

some of the jewelry made and sold by Minimal Mode

Lauren is the lovely lady behind The Perfect Pear.  To be honest, her lovely header drew me in, but then I stuck around for the content and the personality.  Lauren writes about projects, recipes, photography, and beauty.  She always takes really great photos and shares some really pretty things (including her outfits!).  You should check out Lauren's blog here whether you want to learn something, look at pretty things, or be inspired.  And check out this DIY post she wrote about how to make a Mini Book Necklace. So cute!

Exhibit A: blogger with personality

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