Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation: The Hotel

I went to Port Townsend, Washington with G and his mom for G's best friend's wedding for the first weekend of August.  We took a ferry over and stayed in this really pretty historic hotel, called the Palace Hotel.  I would definitely not recommend staying in this hotel in the summer, especially not on the third floor where we did, because there is no air conditioning.  There is a ceiling fan and a standing fan, but they are not enough to combat the sweltering temperatures.  Also there isn't an elevator, so every time we went back to the room, even after long days of walking around all day sightseeing, we had to climb three flight of very steep stairs.  I think this hotel would be a great place to stay in the spring or fall though.  Here are the pictures I took.

view from the window

pretty dried white roses and antique furniture

the bathroom mirror was pretty and oval and gilded and I forgot to take a picture of it,
but apparently I remembered to take a picture of my reflection in it

stained glass on the ceiling; fun fact: I love to photograph stuff on ceilings that most people don't even notice

the hallway

pretty artwork in a fancy frame

the floor below; I'm afraid of heights so I took this by holding my camera out over the railing and not looking down

just one of the three flights of stairs we had to climb to get to our room


  1. I think not having AC is fairly common in western states. I lived in CO for 3 years and most people I know didn't have AC, unless it was a newer house (7 years or so). It sucks.

  2. It's always rubbish being on a high floor with no lift. This happens to me on virtually every holiday I go on. My resounding memories on many trips are being exhausted from walking up and down the stairs.


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