Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fashion: New Shoes

I hung out with my friend Marie the other day.  We went to all the thrift stores on the Ave, because I needed to find some plain colored sneakers and flats.  I ended up buying patterned sneakers, but they aren't nearly as clashy as my rainbow plaid sneakers.  Also, they're awesome and brand new looking so it's cool.  My rainbow plaid Airwalks somehow have an orange stain on the toe that I cannot get off no matter how hard I try.  Also I have no idea how I got an orange stain on them.  I didn't rub Cheetos all over my shoes or anything.  I also bought some really cool boots.  I saw them last time I was at Crossroads Trading Company, but I didn't buy them.  After not buying them, I repeatedly wished that I had.  They were still there this time, at least two weeks later, so I tried them on and they fit perfectly and I bought them.  We also went to this amazing store that sells vintage and things by local artists, and YOU GUYS, if you're ever in Seattle, you need to go to this store!  It is the best store ever and the owner is the nicest lady.  I might be able to sell some of my own jewelry there, which would be pretty much the coolest thing ever.  The store is called Valley of the Roses Boutique.  I commented to Marie that I loved this one pair of shoes (bright orange heels with orange and white striped bows on the toes) and the owner told me that if I wanted to buy them, she would put them on sale for me.  Talk about customer service!  They were way too small for me though, because I have big feet, so big that G likes to call me Bigfoot.  Anyway, here is the outfit that I wore for thrifting.

This outfit is mostly thrifted/free.

I won the arrow necklace in a blog giveaway, bought the deer necklace for cheap off eBay,
made the earrings, and got the bracelet from the Oregon Coast years ago.

And here are the shoes I bought.

Studded straps are one of my favorite shoe features.
These cost me $15 at Crossroads Trading Company.
They are just like new. I don't think they were actually worn.

These work as neutrals.  Even though they have a print, it's subtle.
I really like the not-quite-glitter not-quite-sequins.
For some reason I was very drawn to shiny shoes that day.
These cost me $10 at Goodwill and they are pretty much brand new.


  1. LOVVVVE your new studded boots! Boot season has definitely begun and I am super psyched-- wearing my new motorcycle boots today :)

  2. Thanks. It was supposed to be boot season here, but then the sun was all, "Just kidding, I'm going to stick around for at least a week so you can't wear your new boots yet, haha." Seriously, it hasn't rained here for over a month and my friend Marie just moved here from New Orleans and didn't realize that Seattle is called Rain City, because it hasn't rained since she's been here.

  3. Those high tops are great! And I love that blouse up there! How cute! I wish I could find fun clothes like that when I thrift, but I usually just get so impatient - it's bad. :)

  4. I love them. They're so me. The blouse is actually a blazer. I put a long sleeve shirt under it because it was necessary when I started out but changed it for a short sleeve shirt later. I love thrifting because it's like a treasure hunt. But you can never go expecting to find something awesome or you'll end up disappointed more often than not. Every once in ahile you'll find the perfect thing and that makes it worth it. The majority of my wardrobe and shoes is thrifted. It's really handy because the Ave is a street within walking distance of my apartment and there are three thrift stores in 9 blocks.


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