Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fashion: Going Gray

Lately I've really been loving the look of gray outfits with pops of only one color.  Well, in theory, and on Pinterest, because I only own two items of weather-appropriate gray clothing, aside from a pencil skirt which is not suited for my day to day life, and no plain gray accessories.  So I am living vicariously through Pinterest and Polyvore.  Look how good it looks!

Orange & Grey Dressy Casual

Orange & Grey Dressy Casual by heather-rolin featuring coral jewelry

This is a very work-friendly outfit.  It says orange and grey, but I would call it coral and grey.  The amount of
color and grey are pretty balanced.  I really love the look of the ruffled top with the structured blazer and bag,
and the coral accessories and shoes also help make an otherwise drab outfit really fun.

Burberry Checked Scarf

This is a more casual outfit.  It has mostly gray with only two small pops of turquoise. 
I really like how the scarf has both gray and turquoise on it to really tie everything together.

Plum & Gray

Plum & Gray by amyjoyful1 featuring fishing hats

This one has a lot of color with a smaller amount of gray.  I really love the cardigan and the tanktop. 
This one is sort of a business casual or day off outfit.  I could definitely picture a barista wearing this outfit.

So there you have it, grey or gray can be paired with pops of only one color in so many different combinations.  You can wear lots of grey with a little bit of color, lots of color with a little bit of gray, or a pretty balanced amount of each.  It also works for a variety of situations, from a fancy dinner to a day in the office to a day off or a day at the beach.

Hopefully next Friday I will be able to share What to Wear: When Being Attacked by a Dalek.  It includes pictures of me trying to be sort of scared looking and just looking bored!


  1. I love all the items you posted, but I especially love those turquoise earrings!

  2. I love the basic grey with a pop of colour. Fabulous post!


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