Monday, August 27, 2012

Bacon Sundae and Sweet Potato Fries

I have been wanting to try Burger King's bacon sundae ever since I saw the first commercial for it.  I love bacon and I love ice cream, so it sounded really good.  Also sweet and salty is my all time favorite flavor combination.  We finally went to Burger King on Saturday and I got a bacon sundae and sweet potato fries, because Burger King has sweet potato fries now and those are one of my favorite foods ever.  The sweet potato fries box had a game piece on it for the new Family Food promotion.  We had to pick which answer out of three we thought more people would choose for the question "Where would a child get in trouble for saying a bad word?"  Then we scratched off the answer we thought was right (like scratch tickets) and we were right that most people answered school, so we won a free Whopper.  After that I ate some of my sweet potato fries, and HOLY SALT BATMAN!  These fries were seriously oversalted.  Normally sweet potato fries don't need to be salted at all, because they're already so flavorful.  Burger King did not get that memo.  So I dipped some of them in ice cream to tone down the saltiness and that helped a lot.  Sidenote: If you have not yet discovered the joys of dipping french fries in milkshakes, get on that pronto.  I didn't eat very many of the fries.  But we did reheat them and have them with dinner that night and they weren't overly salty anymore, so that was weird but good.

Onto the part you've all been waiting for, unless you're The Management or another vegetarian.  The bacon sundae was glorious.

You can see the little gamepiece that says I'm a winner.

Try not to drool all over your computer.

The ice cream was ordinary and delicious vanilla soft serve.  There was chocolate syrup and caramel sauce.  And the bacon was perfectly cooked, not at all greasy, very crispy.  The flavors mingled perfectly together.  It was so delicious and also so filling that I couldn't quite eat the entire thing.  But seriously, yum.

Something at Burger King that completely blew my mind was that they had a touch screen soda fountain.  It was insane.  You touch what kind of drink you want and then it brings up subcategories!  For example, G wanted Fanta and it let him choose from about 10 different flavors of Fanta.  Are these things elsewhere?  I didn't even know they existed.

Also, once we got home we saw on the back of the receipt that we could fill out a survey about our experience and get a code for a free whopper or free chicken sandwich, so I did that and in the survey I told them the sweet potato fries were too salty.  So much winning happened that day.


  1. HAHAHA.

    I love that you just made a trip to the BK Lounge sound like the most epic experience ever.

    Thanks for the mention, too, ahha. I have to say, if I was a meat eater, I would have been ALL over that sundae.

    And sweet potato fries are probably my favourite thing ever. Sad about all the salt... if I get me some here, I will report back to you re: saltiness levels.

  2. It was truly an epic adventure. And I think that next time I'll just make my own sweet potato fries. I found this recipe on pinterest for doing them in the oven and although I don't use recipes I do use them for cooking times and temperatures. I'm going to modify it because it's pretty boring (sweet potatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper) and add some parmesan cheese, rosemary, and paprika.

    1. parm, rosemary and paprika on the fries will be soooo good... might have to copy you.

  3. This all looks amazing! I absolutely love sweet potato fries, I will definitely need to try them. (If you have one near you) have you tried Sonic's sweet potato tots? Seriously epic.


    1. The Sonic near us has the weirdest hours. I think it's only open until 1 in the afternoon, so we haven't gone yet, but now we'll have to. I need to have sweet potato tots in my mouth ASAP!

  4. I wasn't impressed by BK's sweet potato fries. And I can't bring myself to order a bacon sundae. I like sundaes, I like bacon...but I can't see them together. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  5. Okay! I'm so gonna try this bacon sundae this weekend! I CANNOT NOT TRY THIS.

    I gotta be honest though. When I first heard about it, I thought it was weird, like, "What? Bacon sundae? How? Ew." Sooooo yeah. But now, it doesn't sound so ew anymore.

  6. BACON SUNDAE? I wonder if they do that in the UK. Probably not, Burger King UK is absolute rubbish. But I want a lot.


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